Born 1964 in USA. Grew up a military child living both in the United States and Europe.

Some say “he’s a troubled soul”,  others say “he’s a charismatic musical troubadour”.      


Phil was, and still is, influenced by the space head Woodstock band era, with the chaos of late seventies UK punk rock. All held together with the mellow yet powerful message of the North American Folk Scene.


Discovering the acoustic guitar was a life changing experience.  After hitting the streets aged seventeen playing and singing,  people were listening and giving him money.  1982 the street busker was born in Phil.  It went on like this on and off for twenty years with two marriages coming and going along the way gifting him with two beautiful boys.


Then 2002 a Gibson J45 landed in his lap in a guitar shop in Bristol, England. Well they both fell in love with each other and off they went to travel, sing and play wherever they went. Along the way Phil and his Gibson met other musicians to join up with playing clubs, bars and festival stages.  Phil shared the stage not only with professional session musicians but also with known influential artists on the same bill.


In 2008 Phil managed to discipline himself to finally record his tunes to disc. A ten track album called Just How It Is.  Phil Crawford & The Scruffy Dogs were regularly sounding off their presence throughout the UK southeast music scene.


2010 Phil married again to a beautiful woman from Norfolk. They settled down running their smallholding with Phil having a regular resident musician slot on a one hundred year old North Sea Clipper converted bar/restaurant. To satisfy Phil’s urge to hit the road he kept his yearly mini tour in west Ireland Inis Mor and Galway.


End of lockdown 2021 marks the beging of a new chapter in Phil's next music adventure.

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